Long absence

So, I was gone for awhile because my life has been very busy lately!

I’ll be going on a hiatus, and I’ll post an update post about whats been going on (good and bad news) sometime in the future.


Sorry for the Long Absence! School Started!


Little Black Girls in a School Uniform

So sorry I didn’t post anything for awhile! It’s been pretty hectic lately with school started a week ago. So Mbali is now in Kindergarten, and there is good news!

Turns out one of her class mates is someone we know. I was afraid she would have to be alone amongst caucasoids. Thank The High One she will have someone to play with.

But because I was gone so long I will have TWO blog posts up tomorrow. At least I hope so!

The Long History of The Caucasoid (Neanderthal) and The Dog (Wolf)

Have you noticed how many pets caucasoids have? Mostly dogs too, and they are creepily close to them as well. Huemans keep dogs too, but when have you ever heard someone call their dog their child. That’s not normal.

Not only that, but have you noticed that caucasoids and dogs also have a lot in common?

Cold climates

Narrow noses

Love raw meat (and meat in general)

Overaggressive unless trained

Pack mentality

Under the dogs fur their skin in white. (I’m not joking, go check and laugh)

Afraid of things different then themselves

Both love dairy

Isn’t that hilarious?

But why do dogs and caucasoids have so much in common?



Yes, you heard right: Inbreeding.

We already know they are the ancestors of neanderthals, but what the elite aren’t telling us is that when the caucasoid was still evolving, they interbred with wolves occasionally.

Have you ever noticed how caucasoids love meat. Most of them only eat their steaks rare. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen caucasoids eating steaks that are practically raw with their hands, with blood dripping down their chin, when you look at that, you really start seeing the similarities.

Caucasoids never ate dogs in their history either, because deep down it’s almost as bad as cannibalism. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate eating dogs, but every culture but theirs sees (or used to see, before their culture was destroyed by caucasoids) dogs as an animal, not part of their species. Like cows or pigs. They still cared for them, but they would also eat them.

Dogs and neanderthals (white people) also share similar psychological tendencies, like racism. It’s been proven that dog bark at Huemans more then they bark at neanderthals. And caucasoids tend to feel sadder at seeing a dog die then seeing a Hueman die. This is because of the pack mentality they share. They see each other as the same while seeing pure Huemans as a separate species. Because we didn’t interbreed with a wild animal.

Pack Mentality

A pack of neanderthals and wolves/dogs hunt deer together.

They wouldn’t be able to interbreed now, because of the chromosomes, but all this happened a very long time ago. And even today, the remnants still exist, if you look at a caucasoids and a dogs genes and compare them, you will see much similarities between them.

But if you compare a dogs genes to a Huemans, you wont get that.

They’re nature is to be aggressive and territorial, while ours is to be peaceful.

Caucasoids/Neanderthals are wild animals with a culture of dominance, they’re instinct is to be territorial and their inherently evil.

You can even see it in their eyes vs our eyes because eyes give you a glimpse of a soul. (But that’s a post for another time)

*Peace and love!! -Abeni*

Black Woman (Pregnant) Dragged out of Train by White Officers: No Mercy

The white officer is seemingly grabbing this woman for no reason while she says in confusion:

I don’t understand, I’m not doing anything. Please stop touching me.

Can you please stop touching me.

Then it gets worse as the white officer still refuses to let her arm go and she expresses distress.

Let me go, your hurting me! Your hurting my wrist!

Let me go, let me go, your hurting me!

There are now two men (If you can call these monsters men) harassing her as she is obviously in pain. It begins to sound as if she were beginning to sob.

But then we get a shard of hope as the man holding the camera speaks out in aid of the woman.

What did she do officer

This hope doesn’t last as she begins to scream in pain and a third police officer comes in. Who, surprise surprise, is also white. They then proceed to drag her to the ground as she screams at them to stop.

And now the worst part.

While this woman is being pushed down by two large men she yells out:

Stop! I’m pregnant! Stop!

It looks like the case of Charlena Michelle Cooks was not isolated. The whites have no empathy! What kind of human can drag a pregnant woman to the ground while she screams in pain and fear? It is made clear how sociopathic the white mind is as the only one in there speaking out and trying to help is a black man! This brave man now steps up and tells the police”

Just slow down a second and try to figure this out!

She’s pregnant though, you need to calm down and figure out another way!

He attempts being reasonable, but they just ignore him just as they are ignoring the woman’s pleads and crys.

Of course, the white men silence him by pulling out a gun.

Let me repeat: They pulled a gun on a pregnant woman and the man trying to protect her!

You can never try being reasonable with white people; it’s like they have no emotions!

One must wonder how different this would be if she were a white woman.

The comments truly show how heartless whites are.

They are defending the cops.

If this doesn’t prove that white people are incapable of feeling I don’t know what does:

she din do nuffin


Cop should have told the black boy, it’s none of your business what she did, shut up and sit your bitch ass down.

-John Smith

She’s pregnant? All the better reason to shoot her before she gives birth to another fucking niglet.

-nathan whitaker

This is sickening.

Traditional Beauty

Something you all should know about me is that I’m a huge fan of the traditional look. It’s simply so empowering! It represents our culture before we were stolen from our homeland.

Plus, it looks amazing in my opinion!

I almost always wear my headscarf and I try to mix Afrikan with modernness; sadly but unsurprisingly, when someone attempts to show pride in their people they aren’t very popular with the whites. White people don’t want us to remember our roots, they want us to assimilate into their society; a white society which is inherently evil.

We as Afrikans need to break away from them in every way possible. We shouldn’t want to be like the people who have been enslaving and killing people everywhere they go.

And, again, it looks great! Here are some looks, some modern-looking and some more traditional, but all looking great!








And some for the little girls and boys!






We need to let the whites know that we are proud of our culture. The only culture they have is one of hate and domination so when they see proud Afrikans that refuse to be slaves they see a threat to their supremacist society.

I say: Let them be afraid! Let’s break away from the chains they forged around us!

Happy Birthday Mbali!


My baby girl turned five today! We even baked the cake together. For the record, cooking is a great way to bond with your kids, especially with fun things like frosting and sprinkles. I only let her eat those unhealthy stuff on special occasions.

I am very tired though, the party just ended and even though it was a small group of kids from family friends, watching a bunch of kids age 3-8 is exhausting! The kids had tons of fun though!

It’s scary thinking about how quick their growing up. But thinking about the woman she will become one day is a great thought.

But on another note, Afrikan parents: be careful letting your kids around white children. Mbali isn’t in school yet so her friends are the children of my friends (who are all black) but she’s starting kindergarten this year and I’m worried about the other children. We are a minority in this neighborhood and I’m afraid she won’t have other Afrikans in her class.

I was thinking of homeschooling, but we simply don’t have the resources at the moment. But I hope to start someday, maybe when we have the next kid.

But remember: create a community with others, even if they live far away. Mine and my husband’s friends share our beliefs and all our kids visit each other often. This way they they won’t be taught harmful things from the whites like racism and they won’t be hurt by societies whiteness.

Hair, Weaves, and White Supremacy

Why do our women shun their beautiful, natural, hair and replace it with fake ‘white’ hair?


Well let me tell you why, my dark friends.

It’s because we have been brainwashed to believe that THIS:



is beauty.

Of course that is incorrect. White people want you to believe they are superior, even though they are a mutation of the original peoples (us) they want you to believe that to be successful and a person you must conform to what they look like. Wearing your natural hair will make people not hire you and judge you.

Now, currently I live in a white majority neighborhood and I cannot tell you how often I am stared at for wearing my hair as it is. I can practically feel their energy and they look angrily at my rebellion.

For that is what it is: a rebellion.

When you wear your hair the way it was meant to be worn, you show them you are awake. You show them they have no control over you physically and spiritually. And that makes them angry. It makes them angry because it makes you out as a threat to their white world and their belief that they are the rulers of this Earth.

So, gorgeous Afrikan women let the white racists know what you think of their society, let them know that they have no control over you!

Now some pictures of beautiful women who sport their hair that Mother Nature gave them.




Starting a Blog!

Hello! As this is my first post I’ll start my introducing myself:

-My name is Abeni.

-I’m 26 years old.

-I’ve been happily married for 7 years.

-We have a 4 year old girl named Mbali.

-We plan on having another child soon. (Money problems. Praying for luck!)

-I’m a “housewife”

-I fully embrace my Afrikan heritage.

-I fight against white supremacy.

This blog is just going to be about my life as a black mother trying to survive in a racist America. (There is still racism) Posts will be about news and things like that; but it will also be about my life and family as we grow.

[None of the photo’s I post are of me or my family, for privacy reasons. No, not even my profile.]